Yoga is the perfect opportunity to become the curious student of the self.  It is an opportunity to become a human ‘Being’ rather than a human ‘Doing’.   We direct all of our energies out into the world; living in the past or living in the future.  Rarely do we live IN THE MOMENT.

Yoga brings calmness to the mind.  It stills that perpetual motion - the thought process and the restlessness that consumes and prevents us from being our authentic self.  Yoga teaches us to tap into awareness and deeper levels of the self.

I teach Hatha/Iyengar yoga; which is gentle healing yoga, using therapeutic practices, and safe, effective props for proper alignment and cognitive self awareness.  I incorporate the ancient practices of asanas (postures), pranyama (breathing techniques), meditation, anatomy, physiology, philosophy and mythology.

I work very hard to make each class different and interesting; involving proper challenges to help you to evolve- giving you the tools to take your practice off the mat and into everyday life.

I hold a B. A. from Ohio University and worked 30 years in International, High-Tech Business, Finance and Human Resource Management.  During those years, I practiced yoga, loved it and decided to take more in depth training upon my retirement from the corporate world. 

Yoga studies took me on a journey through ShivaShaktiSynthesis - now known as Samyoga.  I graduated as a Certified Yoga Therapist. Further studies include the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and the Integrative Restorative Institute of I-Rest Yoga Nidra, where I studied with Dr. Richard Miller. Under the direction of Dr. Ray Long, I completed Master’s Classes in Anatomy and Movement.  Continued studies include Master’s Classes in Ayurveda and Meditation, and I actively participate in nationwide seminars, technique and research programs.

I am Terry Dunlap. In 2009, I established Living Balanced Yoga Therapy, LLC.  Along with my growing number of students, I invite you to join us. Relax and learn; explore your inner self, expand your horizons and fulfill your many possibilities.


Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy adapts this ancient practice to the specific needs of people with persistent health problems or injury/surgery recovery.  Yoga Therapy is often used in conjunction with traditional medicine and other physical therapy regimens.  All therapeutic sessions are customized to meet your specific needs and abilities, and does include homework.  It is your responsibility to accomplish the goals we agree on, and it’s my responsibility to give you the tools to meet those goals. 

Yoga Therapy incorporates both physical and psychotherapies to bring balance back to the body. It also provides an on-going pathway to better self care and prevention. In fact, Yoga Therapy came to light in the 1980’s when Dr. Dean Ornish conducted a study about its use to reverse heart disease.

Yoga Therapy can be an asset for the following:

  • Pain Management and injury recovery
  • Build the immune system and help those with auto-immune disorders
  • Arthritis, osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Strengthen the heart, circulation, organ function, endocrine system and cellular function
  • Mood disorders:  ADD, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, PMS. Bi-polar; depression and anxiety
  • Sleep abnormalities
  • Addiction recovery
  • Improve quality of life;  even for those living with terminal illnesses

In addition, I specialize in recuperation techniques for those recovering from Brain injuries and Hip and Knee Replacement surgeries; Anxiety and Depression disorders.

 I will also be honest and tell you if I do not believe I can help you.

NOTE: For all of the above: Yoga Therapy for specific wellness issues requires a $100 in-depth evaluation session. A comprehensive, written plan will be presented including total duration and cost. Once the plan is accepted by the client, a 50% down payment is required with balance due at the halfway point of the program.


Monthly rates are $12.00 per class paid for by the per week. For example, if you register for Mondays and there are four Mondays in that month, you pay $48.00 for the month.  If you miss your scheduled class, you may make it up by attending another class which must be scheduled within 30 days.  If you know that you are going to miss for vacation, meetings, etc., you do not pay for that class when you register.

By registering for a month at a time, you may take any extra classes for $5.00/class, on a pay- as-you-go system.

 Drop-In Rate: $15.00/class.

  •  It is LBYT,LLC’s mission to be fair while  maintaining its business interest. In the event of extenuating circumstances, i.e, death, prolonged illness or injury, credit may be applied on a case by case basis.

Private Instruction: Yoga Therapy for specific wellness issues requires a $100 in-depth evaluation session. A comprehensive, written plan will be presented including total duration and cost.  Once the plan is accepted by the client, a 50% down payment is required with balance due at the halfway point of the program.

Meditation Only:   Includes six weekly, one-hour sessions at a total cost of $150.  You will learn the history of meditation and its many different forms; and why certain types are more effective than others at various times in your life.

In all cases, payments by cash or personal check. No credit or bank debit cards accepted.



Meditation is creating a space for stillness. It is your personal sanctuary away from a busy life – moments to still the mind and enjoy silence from the clutter of consistent, discordant chatter.

It’s where you, the observer becomes the “observed”, allowing your authentic “self” to emerge. You suddenly become a human BEING – not simply a human “doing”.  Meditation also provides you with the “openness” to show up and be present in the NOW of life, enabling you to explore the light in your life. You will find yourself more receptive to others without judgment. You will learn to pay attention to WHAT IS – not what was or might be. Once you learn Meditation skills, this natural awareness will spill over into all areas of your life, making you more mindful of each precious moment that you live.

Why meditate? Why not? It effectively increases blood flow to the brain and deflects that natural “fight or flight” primordial response which induces fear. Meditation enables you to be more receptive to your world and those in it. And, after just a few sessions you’ll notice a quicker, sharper MIND FOCUS and longer attention span. You may also find you are alert, letting go of negativity, improving relationships with family and friends and looking forward to interacting with others.

You will soon welcome this time and space away from anxiety and uncertainty. To be aware of yourself; relaxing your breath, taking in body sensations and ambient sounds. Your heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension will suddenly decrease. Oxygen is better absorbed and your circulatory system flows more efficiently.  Effective Meditation often provides welcome relief from sleep disorders and chronic pain. It’s also an effective treatment for heart disease and drug addiction.

During these very special six-week, one-hour sessions, you will learn how to overcome the hindrances to meditation. We’ll discuss expectations versus reality and you’ll be instructed how to create a sacred, safe space for your practice. You will also explore the history of Meditation, its various types from concentration to the higher forms of all-inclusive Viprasana.

Every session includes homework specially designed to hone your practice. I’ll provide you with the tools for meditation, but the key is for you to put them to work to achieve your desired goals.



6:00pm - Beginner to Intermediate*


6:00pm - Intermediate


8:15am - Beginner to Intermediate. Come & wake up!


3:30pm - Chair Yoga for the sedentary and/or those with hip, knee and foot issues: 

screws and plates, artificial joints, and/or fusions.**

5:00pm - Come! Let go of the stress and enjoy a pleasant, gentle, end-of -the-week practice.


9:00am - Beginner to Intermediate. Join us & wake up!


*Do not let the word ‘Intermediate’ scare you.  Yoga is meeting yourself mentally and physically wherever you are in the moment.  Modifications and alternatives are offered in every class.  If this is your very first class, I’ll make sure that it is a great experience!

**Every class is different; incorporating asanas (postures), pranyama (breathing techniques), meditation, anatomy, physiology, and meditation techniques in a safe environment for cognitive self-exploration.

NOTE: Private instruction and therapeutic sessions by appointment only.




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